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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED My teenage son was arrested for serious drug offences almost 3 years ago. Legal Aid Solicitors Kamrans were appointed from the outset. From the initial arrest the Solicitors were on hand and in constant communication both with myself and my son. A considerable length of time was spent studying legal documentation and evidence. My son was advised to plead guilty as charged; this alleviating the need to go to trial and avoid further unnecessary costs. It was a complex and lengthy case which involved numerous meetings in different cities and towns with both myself and my son for which Solicitors expenses were not supported by the Legal Aid system. I can honestly say that the kind support and information together with regular updates can only lead me to offer the highest praise to Wajid Khalil and partners plus the rest of the team, both before, during and even after sentencing. They have gone above and beyond solicitors duties and their moral support is still on going for which I will be forever grateful.