Partner | Date Of Admission: 2003

Yousuf started working in the law in 1991 and went on to qualify as a solicitor in 2003. He joined Kamrans as a Partner in 2005.
Yousuf has extensive experience in dealing with all types of criminal matters from the initial investigation/interview stage all the way to trial. Clients have described him as a passionate and formidable force, as he becomes deeply involved with the issues from the very start of a matter that he is instructed on.

From his comprehensive experience, Yousuf understands the very real stress caused to individuals by criminal proceedings and as a result ensures that he and his team prepare each case thoroughly no matter what the allegation. He strives to ensure that each client receives continuity of representation and a high level of professionalism for their case, to arrive at the best possible outcome.

Yousuf continues to represent those facing an investigation and attends Police stations throughout the country. He also practices regularly in the Magistrates Courts as well as covering cases of the utmost seriousness that reach the Crown Court. His practice in the Magistrates Court is wide-ranging and includes cases alleging careless/dangerous driving, domestic assault, robbery and burglary. He has particular expertise in driving matters, presenting Exceptional hardship arguments and cases involving youths.

In the Crown Court Yousuf has had a successful practice in defending clients charged with some of the most serious cases including allegations of murder, rape, drug trafficking, people trafficking/modern slavery, robbery and money laundering. He will always instruct excellent counsel from the outset so the team can get to work immediately, ensuring that the client’s case is meticulously prepared for trial.

Cases of note:

R-v-HA. The defendant along with 2 others was charged with murder. Following a trial at Manchester Crown Court he was acquitted whilst the other defendants were all convicted.

R-v-MR. The defendant was one of a number of defendants charged with a large-scale conspiracy to defraud Western Union. He was the only defendant to be acquitted following at trial at Leeds Crown Court.

R-v-RI. Following a guilty plea at Sheffield Crown Court, the prosecution had asserted that the defendant’s criminal benefit from money laundering was £194,000. It was successfully argued, that as a courier the defendant’s benefit was a minimal £250. The case was therefore settled with the client only having to pay £250.

R-v-FW. The defendant was charged with a conspiracy to supply Class B drugs along with a number of others. The prosecution alleged she was involved in the supply of ketamine to various locations around the country. Following a lengthy trial at Birmingham she was found not guilty.

R-v-DW. The defendant was charged with a conspiracy to supply 60-70kg of cocaine over a period of 18 months. The evidence was overwhelming and on the clients instructions a very favourable basis of plea was agreed with the prosecution. This resulted in a sentence far shorter than the client had feared and significantly reduced confiscation order.

R-v-FM. The defendant a youth, was charged with two sets of offences similar in nature. Firstly a robbery of a woman in her home where extreme violence was used and secondly aggravated burglary when a number of youths entered the victims home carrying weapons. In respect of robbery a legal argument to exclude the identification evidence was successful and the prosecution dropped the case. In respect of the aggravated burglary the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence following a legal argument.

R-v-JP. The defendant was one of 12 people charged with Entering in to a Money Laundering arrangement; the Prosecution case was that limited companies and bank accounts had been specifically set up in order to launder cash that was the proceeds of crime. The case against this defendant was successfully challenged by a legal argument at the conclusion of the prosecution case and resulted in a Not Guilty verdict being ordered.

“Over the course of nearly two decades, I have worked together with Kamrans on many major cases.   That has included significant trials involving allegations of major drug trafficking, murder, sexual offending and fraud.  It has also included conducting appeals before the Court of Appeal in cases in which we were instructed after trial.  Kamrans approach to this work has invariably been marked by professionalism, commitment to the client and excellence.   The partners, Wajid Khalil, Abdul Iftikhar and Yousuf Khan are all, in my view, first rate”.

Paul Greaney Q.C., New Park Court Chambers, Leeds.