POLICE STATION - We offer Free 24 Hour Police Station Legal Advice

If you are arrested and detained at a Police Station or attend for interview as a volunteer you are entitled to free legal advice and assistance from a Solicitor under the legal advice and assistance at the Police Station Scheme.

The Police often try to convince a suspect that if they exercise their right to legal representation this will delay their release. We strongly advise that you exercise your right to have a Solicitor present if you are arrested and detained at a Police Station, or have been asked to attend for interview as a volunteer.

Kamrans Solicitors can arrange for legal representation throughout the UK. We offer a 24 hour Police Station legal advice and representation service, 365 days per year for clients who are in Police custody or attending as volunteers.

The initial criminal investigation and interview process is probably the most crucial stage of any potential prosecution. Some of the most important decisions are taken at the Police Station. Good advice at this stage could affect the outcome and, in some cases, avoid a prosecution.

A friend or relative of someone detained at a Police Station may be able to instruct a Solicitor on their behalf.