All criminal cases start in a Magistrates court. Minor summary only offences such as a motoring matters, minor Criminal Damage, Theft, Assaults and Public Order offences are always dealt with to a conclusion at the Magistrates Court.

More serious offences, such as a Burglary or Drugs offences are known as either-way offences, which can either be heard before the Magistrates or a Judge and Jury at the crown court.

The most serious cases, such as Murder, Rape, Robbery or Conspiracy offences are known as indictable only offences and are sent to the Crown Court after an initial hearing before a Magistrates court.

If you have been Summoned/Requisitioned to appear before a Magistrates court, our solicitors can represent you in court to ensure you get a fair hearing, provide necessary advice and assistance.

For clients who have been accused of either-way offences, we can advise you on whether you should elect trial at the the Crown court or remain in the Magistrates court.

Youth courts are very similar to Magistrates courts, except that they hear cases of young persons aged between 10 and 17 in private. They deal with offences such as Theft and Burglary, Anti-Social Behaviour and Drugs offences. Very serious offences, such as Murder or certain Firearms offences, or cases where a young person is charged together with an adult, will usually be heard in the Crown court.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with young clients. We take the time to ensure our young clients understand court proceedings and what is expected of them. Being prosecuted for a criminal offence in the youth court can be an ordeal for a young person or child as well as their parents. Kamrans ensure our young clients and their responsible adults receive an excellent standard of service, guidance and support during their case.

No matter what your offence, Kamrans are here to help you. We strongly recommend that you consider appointing a solicitor if you face proceedings before a Magistrates or Youth court.