We are recognised for our expertise so if you have been charged with a complex crime, it is vital that you choose a firm that specialises in such cases. These types of cases require more experience, awareness and knowledge on a solicitor’s part. Our solicitors frequently represent clients for fraud and regulatory crime within the complex crime sector.

We have successfully represented a host of senior and recognised individuals across the United Kingdom, and work closely with experts in the appropriate fields to provide the correct resources and support for each particular case. We understand that being charged with a complex crime can be life-changing for our clients, and we aim to provide an objective to work towards and thus enable our clients to have a realistic expectation of the outcome.

We understand the pressures of being charged with a complex crime, and the impact this can have on your personal and public life, including your wellbeing. Our solicitors are here to make your case as simple and stress-free as is possible under the circumstances, through our ongoing support, advice and updates throughout the proceedings.

If you have been charged with a complex crime, it is likely that your case will be heard in either the Crown Court or the High Court. It is normal to feel intimidated by your experience in either court, especially if it is your first time being charged with a serious offence, but Kamrans Solicitors will be on hand to help familiarise you with your surroundings and answer any questions you may have about your legal proceedings.

We defend all manner of individuals, from business professionals, to Politicians, medical practitioners, IT and telecommunication specialists, company secretaries and directors.