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Kamrans Solicitors provide legal aid to fund your criminal case

Kamrans Solicitors conducts work on behalf of legally aided as well as privately paying clients.

You have the right to free legal advice from an independent Solicitor whilst detained at any Police Station in England & Wales.

In the Magistrates Court, you may be entitled to legal aid subject to a means and merits test. If your disposable income exceeds the limit then you will not qualify for legal aid and , if you want to instruct a Solicitor, you will have to pay privately. Legal aid in the Crown Court is now means tested. You will normally be granted legal aid but, depending on your means, you may be required to pay a financial contribution, should such a situation arise we are happy to discuss private fee arrangements.

Free Initial Telephone Discussion
This Initial Telephone Discussion is free. The call helps us to assess your case and we will let you know if it’s a case that we will be able to help you with. The discussion usually lasts around 20 minutes. Please feel free to call us on 0113 2455000 or e-mail on mail@kamransolicitors.co.uk and we willl get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Fixed Fees
As we work on Motoring Law cases all over the country, there are sometimes additional costs involved. We will advise you of any additional charges incurred in travelling to a court which is more than 1 hour away from our offices. This cost would typically be charged at £100 per hour.

Initial Advice – £300 + VAT
Our initial advice includes: receiving your papers, considering your case and advising you either by telephone or at our office. This will include initial advice on possible defences and a likely sentence, if pleading guilty. This includes our conference time of 30 minutes.

Written Guilty Plea – £500 + VAT
Includes the above; also the management of your case and bringing it to a conclusion by submission of a written guilty plea. This will additionally include preparing a letter in mitigation and communicating with the court on your behalf.

Court Appearance: Guilty Plea – £500 – £1,000 + VAT
As above; also the cost of representing you at court on a guilty plea, [assuming only one hearing] this will include meeting you at court and dealing with your case as a priority on the day. Includes our conference time of 1 hour.

Court Appearance: Exceptional Hardship Cases – £1,000 – £2,000 + VAT
Ordinarily anyone who receives 12 or more penalty points via ‘totting up’ procedures is liable for disqualification from driving. However, it could be possible to avoid a disqualification by successfully arguing ‘exceptional hardship’ before the court.

Our team can provide expert representation in such cases. This includes a conference call as required and the preparation of written submissions to the jcourt to assist your evidence, attending upon you on the day at court and presenting your case to the court. We will advise you on your rights of appeal, as necessary.

Court Hearings: Special Reasons Argument- £1,000 – £3,000 + VAT
In certain road traffic matters it can be argued that despite an individuals guilt to the offence there are ‘special reasons’ whereby the subsequent penalty can be avoided altogether or reduced. Our team can provide expert representation is such matters, which can be very technical. Our services would include initial consultations, preparatory work for the hearing and representing you at the hearing.

Court Hearing: Not Guilty Trial – £1,000 – £5,000 + VAT
We are regularly instructed to challenge cases in trial. Typically these involve costs of £2,000 + VAT and the costs of any expert’s reports. In every trial case you would be provided with a detailed costs estimate.

Please note that the above fees are legal fees and exclude disbursements for expert reports and medical records. Furthermore, these fees are purely for indicative purposes and are subject to a formal consultation and assessment of your case.